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  • EW! Unique technology: real-time ALL frequency monitoring (NO bands)
  • NEW! Real-time 3D DF frequency monitoring for all frequencies and directions at the same time NEW! Up to 48THz/s sweep speed
  • NEW! Detects 3G, 4G and 5G drones
  • NEW! Up to 50 km detection range
  • NEW! Latest AI-based multi-target image and RF pattern recognition
  • NEW! Optical triangulation with multiple PTZ cameras
  • Ultra-wide frequency range (9kHz to 20GHz)
  • Multi-frequency, multi-directional swarm attack detection
  • Able to detect pre-programmed drones
  • Can be switched to a fully automatic mode (no operator required)
  • 360° azimuth and full 90° elevation gapless full dome coverage with high tracking accuracy Provides real-time measuring of the RF emissions from drones/UAVs, jammers, phones, etc. Tracks and locates the operator(s) controlling the drone(s)
  • Identifies the drone make and model (e.g. DJI Phantom 4)
  • Enables 24/7 seamless recording (tracking and/or raw data) and monitoring
  • 3D DF measurement accuracy up to ITU class A
  • Scalable for huge sites (airports, cities, borders, even countrywide installations)
  • Tested and running under most adverse weather
  • conditions (night, fog, rain, etc.)
  • Enhanced temperature range (desert installations)
  • All-in-one solution (RF, radar, camera and software)
  • Setup and ready to use within a minute (portable version)
  • Powerful mobile app with automatic multi-level threat alerts
  • and threat map display
  • Hardware and software made in Germany

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